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Warsaw Chamber of Civil Law Notaries

Warsaw Chamber of Civil Law Notaries

The notary profession became a leading legal profession in Poland. This position is a result of the means it develops with a network of a 1250 offices, directed by a 1580 notaries, employing of 3550 workers in Poland.

The Warsaw Chamber of Civil Law Notaries is the greatest regional non-profit membership organization of the civil-law notaries in the Republic of Poland.
The Chamber is an example of this professional organization: a disciplinary and representative body, it is also a meeting place, a center for group decisions, an instrument for the study and consideration of the orientation of professional policy, a reception structure for the joint office services.

Up to the present the Warsaw Chamber of Notaries have kept up their traditions of solidarity and confraternity, transforming their corporation, into an open profession, constantly expanding and providing leadership.

The Association of Notaries in Warsaw now groups together 476 notaries in 343 offices, in the capital city of Warsaw.

The Association is currently administered by a Council Chamber consisting of 11 members, elected for a 3-years period. The Council Chamber itself is managed by a President elected for a 3-years period.
The Council Chamber, which is responsible for review and undertaking of decisions, holds its meeting every month.

Its principal mission is:

  • to define the Association‛s policy,
  • to represent the profession,
  • to control the offices.

The organization of the notary profession in Poland has a detached structure.
The regional boards of notaries (i.e. The Warsaw Chamber of Notaries) are subject to the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeals and can be inspected by the Ministry of Justice. The National Chamber of Notaries consists of the representatives of a regional Chambers in Poland.

The Chamber of Notaries in Warsaw cumulates functions of the regional board and is the official representative of the profession at the level of a territorial and state administrations like the Parliament or the Ministry of Justice in Poland.

The notary, a legal professional par excellence, can do everything: inform, draft, creat and confirm documents, make deposits, all except represent his clients in court.

He may act in many fields of law: corporate, civil, public...., but he alone has a power to offer his clients the guarantees of an authenticated document.

The Warsaw Chamber of Notaries is responsible for the professional education of notaries by conducting training in offices for applicants who form future assessors and notaries.

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